Why Do You Even …

One day, sooner or later, I will be out of all these social networks. I will be lying naked on the beach and only the ones who will survive in my existence will still be part of it. I smile while I think how much I used to care about material things while now all I really care is to be healthy, take care of myself and be happy. Sooner or later I will be there, the past will melt in the present; only some shells will be there around me while the sun is shining on my butt. Let it go of all the drama, the struggle to make it happen in this fucking society, let it go of all the desire to succeed when to be successful means to lose it all for the sake of it. Cheers to moments of happiness, peace, good food and great sex. Cheers to me and to the ones who still be there!!


Let’s Be Silly or Whatever

When you are too busy with your creativity there is no other space for other feelings. I don’t know if you feel the same but for me being silly is everything. I don’t think that you should spend a day without doing or saying something frivolous. It may only make you laughing; at least you chuckle and what is a life without giggling?

Next …

When your mind is so full of creativity and you just have to find your way or someone, not only yourself who believes in you …

I am sure all of us had some moments when we questioned ourselves about the next step to make in order to feel more gratified. Some times it is not even that but more deeply to actually wonder about the reason why we should even care about doing more. 

In the past I believed that as long as I had money to pay bills, buy expensive clothes and do something fun, I was ok. I remember that once a person read my handwriting and she pointed out the fact that I had a lot of potential and that I should just venture mysel more.

Over 8 years ago I changed continent and of course I had to deal with all the bureaucratic system and to find a new way of supporting myself in the new environment. I found something that is way more exciting than what I used to do. 

No matter that, I still question myself and I have been working on my inner, spiritual essence. In the last two years I have progressed deeply, but there is always a sort of dissatisfaction that pushes me to do more, makes me complain about myself, and try something new. However, with the excitement comes also the fear but most of all the big question? What the heck am I doing this when all I want is maybe just to be naked at the beach? 

Somebody says that as long we have fun doing what we are doing, we are already on the right path. Day by day we get caught in a circle of interrogative sentences that nobody can answer but us. However, those questions will only find an answer when their time comes. 

Do things not for the outcome but for the pleasure. Am I writing this for me, for you or for whatsoever? I guess I’ll find out one day. 

L’abito non fa il monaco

Don’t you ever feel that people judge you just because of what you wear? It goes back to the beginning of all human race: the desire, the need and whatsoever pushes people to wear this or that and moreover to judge others because of that. Three main aspects come to mind.

First of all, it isn’t weird that just because you are dressed like a hipster/homeless person, the security guards follow you like some good stalkers checking if you are actually going to pay for the groceries that you put in your bag? What about if I were actually carrying that Chanel bag?

Secondly, people dress in some special attires and then act like teachers, lawyers, priests, monks, psychics or any other professions that may come into your head. What if all people were blindfolded and just listen to whoever was teaching, guiding, defending… What would the outcome be? Would the voice and the thoughts coming out of their mouth be as effective as they can be when these people are actually visible? And in addition, aren’t people just a bunch of believers that are just fooled by others, either because of their  clothes or what they pretend to be?

Thirdly, clothes are like attitudes and sometimes they do not help us to be who we really are. Certainly, this is not always true and more or less our attires may instead help us to gain confidence and feel more at our ease. 

Notwithstanding we should not forget that what matters at the end is to be true to yourself because that is the ultimate person you are going to rely on. Either you are dressed for a défilé, an interview, a pool party, or completely naked like we say in Italian: “come mamma t’ha fatto.” 

How Many Likes

The Voice: “keep doing your shit”.

You: “where am I heading to?”

The Voice: “no worries about the outcome. Just think about how many artists just did it without being acclaimed while alive!”

You: “every second I have a new idea. My creativity has no limits: what about this and that? And what about the fact that all that matters is how many likes you get?.

The Voice: “I told you: stop it! Even if you don’t get all the likes you would expect, you still rock!”

You: “ok, I’ll zip it. One last thing: thank you! You are my greatest fan!!”

That Judgmental Self

Some days ago, I did a yoga session and the instructor was pointing out how much judgement we all have and not only about other people but also about ourselves. 

In particular we normally perform, write, talk and while doing that we already start a process during which we either uplift or on the contrary condemn ourselves and/or others.

Due to this type of attitude and behavior we tend to cause more stress to our essences as well as to others. Supposedly, we all aim to a sort of perfection without realizing that sometimes to be perfect is instead to err, to fall, to excel and shine. 

We are flawless beings made of an ensemble of imperfections and the goal is not only to be better, but sometimes to simply be!