Barcelona, Barcellona. Whatever you want to call it!



I visited this great city a couple of times.

The first time it was when I was only 19 years old. It was the trip for the last year of high-school. My schoolmates and I spent like a week in this beautiful city. We travelled there by train. We left Verona at night to wake up, well actually we did not sleep that much that night, the next day in a city to be discovered. We stayed in a hotel that was right in the old part of the city, Barri Gotic. We did a lot of sightseeing, shopping, eating and of course drinking. I have to say that being still so young and immature, I did not really experience the amazing food that time. Instead, I decided to stuff my mouth with some junk food from one of the several McDonald’s scattered in the city. But one night I had the chance to try one of the tastiest food ever, paella, accompanied by many glasses of sangria. I still remember this bunch of kids (us) wandering in the city trying to find the road that was going to take us back to the hotel. It was a fun time and I cherished many great memories.

The second time I visited Barcelona was with 3 friends during a summer vacation spent in seaside village not to far from it. We went there a couple of times. One it was during the day to see some sightseeings while the second time was to experience the nightlife of Barceloneta. Of course during our sightseeing we walked on La Rambla among the many tourists and the different performers. It was at the same time very colorful and challenging because of the crowd. Then we went to the Joan Miro’ Park, where we had the chance to experience a breathtaking view of the city. And here I come to the two subjects of my picture, La Pedrera, and La Sagrada Familia. La Pedrera is a very peculiar, fascinating building designed by Gaudí. La Sagrada Familia is a work on a grand scale which was begun on 19 March 1882 from a project by the diocesan architect Francisco de Paula del Villar (1828-1901). At the end of 1883 Gaudí was commissioned to carry on the works, a task which he did not abandon until his death in 1926. Completely different was the experience my friends and I had at night in the area called Barceloneta. Well, the theme of the night was mostly dancing, drinking and meeting some cute people. I think we definitely succeed in our goal.

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