The Bullfighter



During my visit of Sevilla, I didn’t want to be part of the audience of a bullfighting. However, it was fascinating to see la Plaza de Toros and imagine how that place looked like. That big arena reminded of the one in my hometown, Verona. Althought the Arena in Verona is not used for bullfighting, mostly for opera an concerts,  it was used in the the past for the fighting of the gladiators. Going back to the Plaza de Toros, it was an interesting tour, no bulls or bullfighters were around, but I had to see the places where the bulls  were kept, some of the costumes of the bullfighters and definitely to experience with my imagination a bullfighting in the arena. I closed my eyes and I could hear the people screaming and supporting the torero in his fight against the toro; I could see the colors of the costumes, the different tools used, the swing in the air of the bullfighter cloak. I opened my eyes and there were no bull neither bullfighter. This time there was not any blood or a carcass in the arena.


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