The Iron Big Brother

Oh!!! The Tour Eiffel is something incredibly stunning and genial. You walk in the streets of Paris and if you raise your head to the sky, here it is. It is like a Big Brother looking at you, observing where you go; it can probably even read what you think and sends you messages with its power.

The first time I got to Paris in October 2004 I “climbed'” the Eiffel Tower. It was a cloudy day, not so cold, but chilly. And once I reached the top, the view amazingly bewildered me and fascinated me. For a few minutes, I forgot the bad feelings, the anger and the anxiety that were dominating my body back in those days. So I was just captured by the beauty that this tall, skinny tower was offering me. Around me I could see a city where people stepped their lives on for many centuries. 

It was a wonderful, full-immersion in the power of Paris and that was offered me by this iron Big Brother.


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