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Some months ago, I started working on myself by reading some “spiritual” books and by starting meditation. Thanks to a couple of friends I was introduced to some good books. One of them is “Fully Present” by Susan L. Smalley and Diana Winston. It was a very helpful book because for the first time in my life at the age of 39/40 I tried to meditate. It is up to you how long you want to, it could be even just for a few minutes. But the main idea of the book is not just that meditation is cool, helpful or whatsoever. The core point of the book is that you have to stay present. It very often happens that our minds are wandering around, spinning and thinking about many different ideas, situations,  rather than focusing on the activity that we are performing at the moment. And it could be a simple one as making coffee in the morning or brushing your teeth or something more elaborate like working on a big project or whatever else. Well, if you learn to focus more and get rid of those images, ideas, concepts, that in a certain way, are attacking your mind and spirit, you will definitely live a better day, week, month, year and life.

My friends also introduced me to a series of yoga exercises that I do by myself whenever and wherever I want to. I am not a flexible person and I was never into yoga. I would have gone running, swimming, walking, biking as I still do, rather than trying to perform some exercises that challenge me instead of helping me. But at the end, I got the concept of that. It does not matter how good you are, what is important is that you are trying and mostly you do not have to judge yourself and anybody else. That is a tough part for sure, LOOOL

But this is not all. In the last month and a half, I have been noticing numbers more and more. It could be just picking up my phone or looking at the kitchen clock or any others. Or even looking around and seeing numbers popping out from nowhere. That is the reason why I used this title for the current post and I chose a picture of light bulbs. In a certain way, I feel like I can see the light better than I used to be. To certain people it could sound bizarre and weird. They may ask themselves if I am into drugs. But for the ones who know me well I am not into any drugs at all. I had a conversation with an Italian friend, Veronica, on skype a couple of weeks ago. And she told me that actually there is something behind the fact that I am seeing all these numbers or paying more attention to them.  According to some studies, when something like that happens there is an angel or an entity from a different dimension that is trying to communicate with you. That entity is telling you something and/or wants you to realise something that is happening or not happening in your life. Well, I do not know exactly what is going on, but I am certainly sure that someone is protecting me and guiding me. And if this has to be through numbers or something else I say, “You are very welcome. I am here for receiving your light, no matter if it is an artificial light, the solar one, the moon one or any other else that you want to use.”


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