Halloween, here and there!!

Some days ago, it was Halloween. Living in the States it is a kind of big celebration. In a week I was invited to five different parties. At the end I went to just one of them and even though I was not willing to walk to Santa Monica Blvd. to see the people wearing costumes, I finally did. Well, actually the people, more than dressed, were kind of naked. But this is West Hollywood and Halloween is like another occasion for some people to hook up, even just for one night, with somebody. The party where I went to was interesting. The hosts did a very good job in creating the scenery of Halloween. There were a lot of spider webs all around, a ghost with which people were taking pictures and some theme cupcakes and foods. Moreover, I have to say that some people had some very original ideas. One of the best costumes was the angel one. This guy was probably around 40 years old, but he had a great body. But this is LA, where people do as much as they can to stay fit. Of course, the guy was barely dressed. How could I see his body, otherwise? LOOOL

As to the Santa Monica experience, even in this case there were many people who spent a great effort for choosing the right costume. And some of them, I bet even spent some money in order to be the coolest one. If I have to pick up a couple, I would definitely choose a guy who was in a sort of angel costume. His wings were heading up to the sky and he was very cool. Another great one was a girl who was dressed like a hospital patient and was even carrying a drip stand in. She told me that she designed the costume and everything. The last but not the least was a puffy old guy who was wearing a skull funny hat and most of all a tee saying “I love cocks.” LOOOOOL LOOOOOL

I want to end this post about Halloween with the Italian experience of the festivity. When I was in Italy I went to some Halloween parties and Halloween is getting bigger and bigger even there year after year. I think that the first time that I went to a Halloween party was when I was attending university back in 1993. The spirit of the party was for sure different, but I do not have any particular memories about it. I certainly remember a Halloween party where I went to in 2008 when I dressed up like Lenny Kravitz. It was a very fun party and I danced my ass that night. As to Italy, one last thing to share is about my nieces, Camilla (12), Ludovica (5) and my nephew Edoardo (8). The oldest one chose the costumes of her siblings. Ludovica was a witch while Edoardo was the murderer of “Scream”. They were both so cute. Camilla did not dress up, but she put some make-up on; I am still waiting for her picture. And she went to a party with some of her friends. Then a bunch of them slept over at a friend’s watching movies and falling asleep around 6:30 a.m. Last but not least was the video message that Ludovica sent me yesterday. She was reciting a poem about Halloween. She was very, very cute and adorable even though she was talking about dragons, witches and potions. Oh Hallloween is finally over!!!


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