Discovering the South of France, what a beautiful place where to live!


Back in July 2008, I went for about ten days to the South of France. I started my adventure taking a train from Verona to Venice, Italy. Once I got to Venice, I had to walk through several calle to reach the bus station where I caught the bus that was going to the airport.

My first stop was Bordeaux, but just for taking another bus that would have brought me to the amazing, beautiful village of Cap-Ferret. I have to say that being a guy, who’s lived all his life in a town, I stupidly brought a lot of stuff that I did not need at all. And more stupidly, I carried it in a big trolley that was not that comfortable to carry around.

Once I got to Cap-Ferret, I got a little bit lost and I could not find the hostel where I was supposed to stay in. After walking around and asking for a ride, because I was totally lost, I finally got to it. At the very beginning, I was kind of disappointed because I discovered that I had to sleep with about ten other people under a tent for a week and to put my stuff under my bed without the possibility to lock it; would have I found it the next day after having been all day at the beach? That was my thought before going to bed. It looked like going to the army; and I’ve never even gone to.

The 1st night was pretty tough because not having any ear plugs, I was woken up several times by people snoring and\or farting; I know it is gross, but it is mother nature, lol. So no matter what was going to happen, the next day I will have to buy some ear plugs that were going to save my sleep for the next 6 nights.

But despite the horrible night, the second day was just about amazing. The ocean was waiting for me and it was a blast! Of course, like a fanatic of the sun I spent several hours between a sunbathe and a real one in the water. Well, actually I cannot count how many of both I really had. But there was nothing more relaxing than the time spent by myself, lulled by the wind, the sun and the water at the same time; all the forces of the nature were there surrounding me, taking care of me and guiding me in some unforgettable moments.

The next days were full of new adventures. There was some time to bike for like hours through the forests on the pistes-cyclables smelling the intense, amazing scent of the hundreds of different trees  that guided me to some gigantic, mysterious dunes; and these latter ones would offer me a stunning view of an ocean that was calling my name. And of course, I could not answer to that call with a no even though I knew that after bathing my body in that clear water I would have to climb a hill pushing the bike on the sand. But it was more than worth it; it was just  unforgettable and unique.

To be continued…


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