The beach, not the bitch, or as French called it, “la plage”, is where Love is or at least should be!

While spending many hours at the beach in Cap-Ferret, I bumped on many couples that were probably taking some time-off from their jobs, cities, towns or villages and spend time there.

Looking at the pictures that I took back to those days, and in particular to the ones that are in this post, some questions and considerations about love pop up in my head. In the song “Mille e giorni di te e di me” of the Italian singer, Claudio Baglioni, one of the passages says,

“…andando via così
come la nostra prima scena
solo che andavamo via di schiena
incontro a chi
insegneremo quello che
noi due imparammo insieme…”

The translation of the above-mentioned passage would sound like that, going away like in our first scene. But we were going the same way giving our back to the world, whom we are going to teach the things we learned together. Like in the picture of the post, one couple is walking together, holding hands. They have for sure a present to share and they could have a future. Would their relationship last forever? And especially would their love last until the day they die? Would they get older and be together on a beach, maybe with a new member added to their family like in the other picture? Or would they be destined, as in Baglioni‘s song, to follow separate and different paths.

Love is more or less a mystery to many of us. It is a common topic of discussion, reading, therapy sessions. Many of us had different experiences involving various levels of love. Well, actually are there numerous different levels of love? Is there a big difference between being in love and love someone?

There are theories about love. We assume that when love is involved, the heart is in the equation as well. Or to be realistic it is the brain that governs all. Many manuals guide the readers to the right path that they should follow in order to find love.  But as in all the different aspects of life, I guess there are also various ways to hit the target.

Everybody, more or less are in love or were in love. Is it the first love more important or the same as the following loves? Should we listen more to our hearts or our brains? In other words, should we be emotional or rational, or a bit of both? How does it work? Is there in our brains a switch that we turn on and off as much as we do with a light switch? Or is it more like with the switch of the oven? We can turn it on and/or off, but at the same time set a temperature and higher and/or lower it? How much is this a result of our brains, feelings and sensations?

Furthermore, is it ok to sacrifice yourself for love? And to what degree would you sacrifice yourself for love?  I heard stories of people who were and are okay, or at least allowed and still grant their partners to beat them or verbally mistreat them. The past experiences that certain people had, their low self-esteem, the “desperate” need of being loved, push these same individuals to be stucked in very dangerous, toxic relationships. 



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