For my sister Chiara!


May 1st was the birthday of my “sorella adorata”. Chiara is one year younger than I. We grew up not just in the same neighborhood, but in the same street. We know each other so, so well that we just need to look in each other’s eyes and we got it. There are hundreds of stories that we could tell, a lot of adventures experienced together, happy and sad moments. But we’ll always be there for each other. It’s more than a friendship; it’s US! Chiara and I were known for the long shopping days when we were going to every store of Verona, its surroundings and even farther. But then, there were always a moment for having a coffee, a hot chocolate or a cool drink; and every moment with her it’s just special. Thinking about her warms my heart. She’s my sister, my lovely friend and I truly love her!


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