The shopping crowd of Vegas


In December, a friend invited my partner and me to Vegas. The “Sin” city is worldly known for the gambling, the shows and its debauchery. But one other thing that tourists love to do in Vegas is to do some more or less crazy shopping. There are plenty of stores all over the city, inside hotels, malls and everywhere. If you have a pocket, or better a big bag full of money, be ready to choose between gambling or shopping. Well, if you have two bags, full of money, you may even do both! Here’s a crowd of girls who probably partied all night, maybe made out, had sex with some guys, but were ready in the morning to slide their credit cards to get some new stuff to bring back home. They say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Supposedly, it is true, but are they going to think the same when they get their credit card bill? 🙂


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