A musician at the beach


It was a Sunday of last February. I went to Santa Monica because I really missed the ocean, the beach and the air that you can only breathe by the ocean. Luckily, it was a warm day and many local people as well some tourists were enjoying the beautiful weather and the nice breeze. I even got to take off my sweater and just be in a t-shirt for a couple of hours. While I was walking around, taking pictures of the beach, of the gigantic palms, of different people, some notes drew my attention. For a moment, I was still as some other people because of a musician who was entertaining the crowd for a bunch of dollars. I like to think that he was a happy person just because he was doing something that he’s passionate about. I imagine him going back home, satisfied of his day, maybe having just a bowl of rice for dinner, but being so blessed for what he has. No, I am not dreaming, I just want to think that way!


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