How to be healthy! What matters and what does not…


When I look at this picture, I asked myself which are the right ways and choices that i can follow for a healthy life. The guy in the picture is definitely overweight and I just assumed that he has not the healthiest style of life. Of course, even some skinny people do not have a lifestyle that could be considered the most salubrious one. The point is that it does not really matter how skinny or fat you are; what matters is to eat properly, to avoid behaviors that will become an addiction, to exercise and to feel good inside and outside.

As to my experience, I was a chubby kid; my mom never really ate that much and a way os showing her love for me was to give me part of her food. Was not the one that I had in my plate already enough? When I was a teenager, I decided that I needed to lose some weight and I started to count the calories of the food that I was eating. I lost about 10 kilograms and for many years I kept my weight under control. It was not all the time easy, and sometimes, like maybe once a week, I was eating more and grant myself those chips or sweets that I desired all week. For about ten years, I did not really exercise that much and consistently, but just be on a diet; for me it was much easier to eat less rather than have to work out.

But nine years ago, I started running, swimming more, and I realized the fact that working out gave me the chance to eat a little more than usual. I was consistent in doing that for many years, but in the meantime I also started drinking a little more. Due to this fact and to my slower metabolism, I started to gain weight. You know how it works! You drink one night, you go out the next one, and drinking becomes a common social way. In my country, Italy, we start drinking during the famous “aperitivo” that take place either before lunch and/or dinner, and we keep drinking during the meals and even after. Of course, not all the people do that, but it is pretty common all over the peninsula. In addition to the drinking, I thought that it was okay to eat a little more; especially after hearing relatives and friends telling you how skinny I was. Well, at the end I found myself with some kilograms that I did not like on my body. I continued to work out, but it was not enough.

So I finally took the bull from the horns, I started eating smaller, healthier portions of food, reduce the drinking, and even give it up for at least a month. And the miracle finally happened: I’m getting back to my old weight, not the very old one, and my mirror says the same. I look healthier and I also feel better. It is a promise to my body, the only one that God gave me, to be persistent and not be tempted again. Of course, I would eat a full jar of pistachio “gelato”, drink a bottle of “Prosecco”, eat one full wheel of one of my pizzas, but the question is: would that be good to my body and also to my spirit? I already know the answer and I am sure you do it, too.


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