Love can be there for you; it could be a stuffed bear!



Some weeks ago, I was in a church when a blind couple on their late 50’s drew my attention. The guy hugged his partner by putting his arm around her shoulder. She responded to that by grabbing her pony-tail and caressed his cheek with that. What a beautiful scene, and this was not a movie. Was that love or just a gesture of tenderness? To what degree tenderness is allowed in love? Some people love to be cuddled all the time, no matter if they are in public or in private, others just in private and others are not the cuddling types at all. Is snuggling something that people should do before sex and/or after? Or cuddling can happen no matter what? And is snuggling enough in a relationship or sex should be part of it as well? Is the platonic love okay?

Another situation captured my eye some weeks…

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