What would we do without you, my dear phone?


I do not know what type of relationship you have with your phone, but I love mine. And I am not just talking about the last generation phone, but as to the phone in general. Since I was a kid, I’ve been kind of addicted to it. I remember my parents complaining about the phone bills because I was spending hours chit-chatting with friends and lovers. In certain families there was a taboo about the time you could receive phone calls. But that did not occur in my family when the phone sometimes was ringing even late at night. Certain times, my friends and I used to ring each other even if it would have been easier just to cross the streets or even go next door, looooool. The phone was our mean for sharing secrets, pieces of advice, feelings, and sometimes just for listening and be supportive to each other. I will not forget when it used to take almost a minute to dial a phone number, with that circular wheel that was making a peculiar sound. I can still hear it now and with that many good memories are popping up in my head.

I guess that every generation has to experience different things. I went from those big phones, as in the picture, to home portable ones that you were never able to find in the apartment and for which you were blaming other components of your family, and finally to cellular phones that you can carry everywhere. But that makes your life easier and sometimes more complicated because supposedly you are always reachable. Well, I love you my phone, but since I am about to go running, you know what? I will leave you home.


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