For my friend and brother Mario!


It was about three months ago. It was an early afternoon during the week and I decided to go for a walk. It was one of those days when you feel like nothing is at the right place. I am usually a positive person and I tend to inspire positivity to myself as well to other people. But sometimes, a cloud of bad thoughts and pessimism gets over my head and of course tries to get inside me. Well, on that day as in other occasions I tried to put myself into some action. So rather than staying in and getting in a bad mood, I went walking around my neighborhood. Certainly, for those who know me, it was not a 15-minute walk, but an one-hour fast ” passeggiata”. The bad ideas, the negativity, were gone, thanks also to my dear sun. While I was promenading on Sunset Blvd, I took this picture for my friend, “fratellone” Mario. My friend and I had so many funny, incredible adventures together; but our bond goes far beyond that because we also supported each other in some tough moments of our lives. If there is one passion that he has, it is for women. If it was not for the fact that he has a partner and a kid, who by the way has my name, Mario would fuck every woman on the earth. I should call him Rudolph Valentino of Verona, Italy.


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