What do you like? What do you want? Why are accessories part of some people’s life?


A month ago, I was in a restaurant waiting for a table. In the meantime, I took some pictures of the shoes that people were wearing. In particular, I was captured by two moms and their daughters who look like they were on a runway. The two daughters were especially cute on their cow-girl boots and they were walking around with a nonchalance that is a bit different from the innocence you would expect from a probably 5 or 6 year old kid.

The desire that some people have to show off makes me think about oniomania. Sometimes, I wonder why many people love accessories so much or I should say too much? Why would I buy a bag every day, week or at least monthly? It is not that I need another one, but I still feel tempted. I have to say that I am much better than in the past when shopping was mostly a way of hiding other needs. As many shoppers, I was not satisfied with who I was, with what I had; so a click in my brain was telling me that a pair of shoes, a bag or some clothes would have given me what I was lacking in my life. Of course, I was completely wrong and as a result I accumulated a lot of useless stuff and negatively affect my bank account.

Now, I am done with that behavior, I am much more careful with what I spend and I am proud of myself. They say that sooner or later, people grow. I say thank God I did!


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