It’s always about love


A very special, good friend gave me recently a voucher for printing one of my pictures on a canvas.

First of all, I want to thank her for the thoughtful gift. For sure, she knows I love photography.

I took this picture a couple of months ago when I visited the Hollywood Cemetery. Looking back at this photo makes me think about two different, but possibly related as well.

The original picture, representing an angel holding a heart, was of course not in these tones of blue. The statue was made of a type of white stone. I changed the picture a couple of times. There’s a version in a strong pink that I love. But since one of my favorite colors is blue, I decided to venture myself with the tones of the color of the sea.

So, here we are an angel, a topic I like so much, holding a heart that is a symbol of love.

For those who know me well, they know that angels are so important in my life. I always feel their presence and that makes me feel better because they are there to protect me. In some sad, tough moments that I have, I always think that no matter how difficult, mysterious and so irresolvable some situations can be, the angels as well as God want the best for me. Maybe I will not get it at the moment, but sooner or later I will understand all the reasons or most of them. Thank you my angels!

As to love. Of course love is important in life and it comes in different ways: the love for the partner, the friends, the relatives, the pets, humanity and the earth. But what I want to share is something that I saw yesterday while driving in L.A. There was a couple of 2 teen-agers coming back from school, holding their hands. At that moment, I felt the love, all the butterflies that those two beings were experiencing while walking together close to each other. It made me think about the way that relationship might have started, all the heartbeatings for the first kiss, hug and … Love exists and it was there in those hands held so tightly like saying, “don’t ever leave me, stay always by my side.”


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