Get out of the tunnel, no matter which!?


Yesterday, I finished a month without consuming any alcoholic beverages. I decided to do that while I was on vacation in Cancun last month. For this post, I chose this picture of the L.A. subway because it kind of represents some of the tunnels we take voluntarily or involuntarily in life. My monthly plan really worked, I succeeded and I am proud of myself for many different reasons.

First of all, I’m getting back in shape, I lost several pounds dieting, working out and of course avoiding the free calories that boozing gives. I feel better, more active, if not hyper-active, lighter and healthier.

Secondly, coming from a family where unfortunately some relatives had some unhealthy addictions, I really thought that drinking was not the best behavior for me. I want to be the one in control and not let anybody or anything be my boss. I can control myself in many different aspects of my life and I strongly desire to do that as much as I am capable of doing it even when alcoholic drinks are involved.

Thirdly, I realized that many times people, and I was probably one of them in certain occasions, are not good at enjoying themselves if not swallowing some alcoholic liquids. In this last month, there were a couple of situations when I literally was the only one who was completely sober. And seeing tipsy, drunk or fucked-up people is not fun at all. It is totally a different perspective than the one I experienced in the past. Do not get me wrong! I am not judging anybody, I am just giving my one vision. And I am done with that.

Finally, I can say that of course I will drink again, but occasionally, let’s say a glass weekly, and my health, my soul, my brain will all be very happy of the new me!


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