Green with envy

Yesterday, I spent three hours at the DMV for getting my driver license renewal. Well, I had a good companion with me, Osho’s book “Joy”, as well as too many people waiting. The 80 numbers ahead gave me the chance to read my book and get some new enlightenment.

I chose this picture mainly for two reasons. First of all because of the green effect that reminds me of the expression “green with envy”. Secondly, because of the idea that one of those bottles may contain the “bliss” that Osho talks about in his book. You will understand what I am talking about in a bit.

Osho writes, ” when you are ill depressed, in misery, friends come to visit you, to solace you, to console you. When you are happy, the same friends become jealous of you. When you are really happy, you will find the whole world has turned against you. Nobody likes a happy person, because the happy person hurts the egos of the others.” So according to Osho, it is not that we do not have to help people in need, but not be sympathetic to them. What we need to advertise is the fact it not worth it to be miserable. So because of that we must understand that since the goal of life is to be happy we consequently have to respect blissful people. And do not care if people think that you are crazy because you smile for no reason, because it will mean that you found the bliss within yourself.

As Osho sustains, happiness and bliss are within ourselves and we cannot look for them anywhere else. It follows that none of those bottles in the picture contains that secret potion that will give you joy. This time the search is not outside but in your inner self.

And stop thinking that, “misery makes you special.” Instead, “Happiness is a universal phenomenon, there is nothing special about it.”



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