The Origin of Problems and The Unique You

Beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon in Weho, I am by the pool enjoying the beautiful breeze that is caressing my body while the sun is doing its incredible job warming and tanning me.

I am still reading my, and I use the possessive because it is like being part of me, Osho’s book “Joy, The Happiness That Comes From Within. I love this book and Osho is becoming my new obsession.

Initially, as Osho underlined in his book, I want to talk about the fact that human beings create problems mainly because doing that they have a perception of their lives as something bigger, of a process of growing and especially of a continuous battle. I was impressed by this passage, “The ego doesn’t want to be ordinarily miserable, it wants to be extraordinarily miserable! Either this way or that, one wants to be the first. Hence one goes on making mountains out of molehills.” As Osho explained the very essence of problems needs to go back to the instant when the person created it. And the solution is not to originate it at the first place. But because people are bored, empty, they fill their existences with anything and in particular problems. So as Osho suggested, “Then, with no problem to solve what will you do? Immediately you start living. You will eat, you will sleep, you will love, you will have a chitchat, you will sing, you will dance – what else is there to do? You have become a god, you have started living.”

Another important point that Osho talked about is the difficulty of human beings of not copying others. The comparison is a very negative aspect of humanity, it is like that nobody can really be themselves. Osho perfectly enlightens the reader by saying that, “While you are alive, you are unique. Only corpses are all alike, alive persons are unique. They are never similar – they cannot be. Life never follows any repetitive course.” Consequently, it is fundamental to avoid any comparisons and base our lives on our uniqueness that is not a synonym of being better than others, but just of being all different.

It is for this reason that my goal is to live a different life with no problems and being always and even more just myself. It is not easy in this type of society where we are bombed continuosly with advertisements and new situations to face with. But what am I going to lose? Nothing. Instead, I will be on the right path towards the bliss that I dearly long for.



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