Keep The Child In You Alive

Last week, I was at the laundromat for my weekly laundry. I was multitasking between a washer, a drier, a book and a lesson to prepare, but I was also vigilant to what was going on around me.

At a certain point a guy and a girl came in and my attention moved from Lucrezia Borgia, the subject of the book I was reading, to them. I got curious about their looks, their tattoes, their haircuts. They had something special and for a while I observed them.

After loading the washers with their clothes, the girl sat on a bench while the guy decided to sit inside the laundry cart. I found that very sweet and peculiar and for this reason I decided to take a picture of him. To me it was more than just a “silly” thing to do, it was like being who you are, being eccentric and unusual at the same time. But mostly because to me he let the child that is within himself getting out and experience things with that innocence and curiosity that only kids have.

I have to say that sometimes I laugh at myself and the “bizarre” things that I do. One of them is to use the shopping cart at the grocery store as a big skateboard. I am sure that I am not the only one who has done something like that. I get on the cart side and roll around the grocery store or most of the times the parking lot of the supermarket. Do you find it childish? Well, who cares! It is fun and for few seconds I feel like I am 12 years old, completely free of the society standardization.

I really think that it is extremely important in our lives to bring out that aspect of our being that belongs to our childhood. It was when we used to discover things with a different eye and interest. It was a time when not being as mature as we are, not knowing as much as we do when we are adults, we loved to be just who we were without caring too much about being judged or considered “crazy”. Well, sometimes I really declare the fact that I am illogical and I do not care to be seen as a weirdo. Why not? Because at the end, I am a special and unique!





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