Keep The Child In You Alive

🙂 ❤ 🙂 KEEP IT!!


Last week, I was at the laundromat for my weekly laundry. I was multitasking between a washer, a drier, a book and a lesson to prepare, but I was also vigilant to what was going on around me.

At a certain point a guy and a girl came in and my attention moved from Lucrezia Borgia, the subject of the book I was reading, to them. I got curious about their looks, their tattoes, their haircuts. They had something special and for a while I observed them.

After loading the washers with their clothes, the girl sat on a bench while the guy decided to sit inside the laundry cart. I found that very sweet and peculiar and for this reason I decided to take a picture of him. To me it was more than just a “silly” thing to do, it was like being who you are, being eccentric…

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