It Is All About Sex Or At Least It Should Be…

Last night, I started to read a new book. The title is, “How to think more about sex” by Alain de Botton. I saw the ad of it in a magazine and I got totally curious about it. A while ago, I wrote another post that was about love. Does love goes along with sex? And what about the opposite?

In a society where sex is advertised all over the place, in which talk-shows, movies, novels are based on, it seems that no one, or the majority of people are not satisfied with the sex they have or do not have. As the writer says, “For most of our lives, sex seems fated to remain steeped in longing and awkwardness.” Of course, as the author points out a book cannot solve the problem, but it can help for sharing some common ideas about it.

I just started this interesting book and I will definitely talk about it in a more detailed way very soon.

As to now, I can only say to you to turn the tv off, play your favorite playlist, make out and have sex with your partner and if you do not have a partner, there is a world out there.



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