Last night I went to a birthday party at the Palihouse in Weho. I was talking to a woman and I asked a question.

She has been single for many years and I asked if she was dating somebody. She told me that right now she feels like she could see someone again. For many years, she did not consider that because her now 8-year old son was growing and she wanted to focus her attentions on him.

Well, my question was about her ideal guy. Of course, even before asking her I emphasized the fact that it is extremely difficult to answer to that because there is nothing really ideal in life. What she told me is that she does not have a specific, “perfect” person in mind, she did not talk about any appearance features or any character elements that she would prefer. But she would definitely love to find somebody with whom she would feel protected. She is a very independent woman who has been raising her child alone, but I get the fact that she would desire to sense that metaphorically speaking and even real embracing, protective sensation. It reminds of something another person once told me, “Sometimes, I would just like to have somebody who would care about me and make some decisions for me.”

I really hope that she could find the one she is looking for who will give that protection she is longing for.


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