Comfortable Vs. Uncomfortable


Don’t you feel awkward in certain situations and environment? Isn’t it interesting how certain people make you feel comfortable and other right the opposite. Since we are energy, the vibes can be so different and because of that we are not always the same and do not feel just one way.

To me, it is fascinating how complex the human mind is. Our brain is a container of many incredible, positive, negative ideas, concepts that send “electric” messages to our body. And so here there are the feelings that make us alive in the good and in the bad.

Osho said, “When all anger, greed, ambition, jealousy, possessiveness, lust disappear, the energy involved in them is released. That energy becomes your bliss.” I totally agree with that and even if it is hard, I am trying to think this way. I am living the present, surrounding myself of positivity and I guess that the challenge will definitely worth the result. Even being around awkwardness, uncomfortable people and situations will make be a better me.

I cheer to the growing process and to the outcome.


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