The Path To The Inner Me


In the last year I have been working on myself. I never really experienced something like that before. Of course, even in the past I looked at myself, analyze my feelings, emotions, sensations, but I never did so deeply as I have done lately.

The search for myself, for the bliss, for the peace inside is not done, yet. Since human beings are a process, there is not stillness, no ultimate arrival. Even in a medidative moment, the elements still move inside and outside the self. I have a better understanding of myself right now, I feel better and my energy is more positive.

This morning I bumped on a note that I found some days ago attached to a tea bag. It says, “To know others is smart. To know yourself is wise.” In this society, in this crazy, fast life we live, we often do not have the time, neither the desire to take a break to focus on ourselves. Well, that is a big mistake because no matter what, it is the self that governs all and we should not try to escape from it but embrace it and treasure it as the most precious gift of all!


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