Osho is back


Some days ago, I started a new book by Osho, “Bienestar Emocional”. Yes, it is in Spanish and I cannot even speak Spanish even though I am trying to learn it; at least when I am not lazy about it. But that is another story.

So the new book is as good as the previous one I read by the same author, “Joy”.

Today, I just want to share a sentence from the 1st chapter, “La iluminacion es encontrar esa conciencia, volverse luminoso, dejar de estar en la oscuridad y dejar de ser una marioneta en manos de la mente.” What the writer is trying to say is that we have to reach our conscience, to get rid of the darkness and just turn ourselves into something brighter in which we will not be a puppet of our mind.

Consequently, we should listen more to our heart. What do you listen to? Your mind, your heart or both?


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