Skid Row, Here We Come And Thank God Here We Go!

Last Thursday, a friend and I decided to go on a trip to downtown to see the “Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels”. We got there pretty easily and the place looked amazing. We said a little prayer, took some pictures, walked around the neighborhood and stopped at the park nearby for grabbing something to drink.

In the meantime, we were getting hungry and the smell of the food flying from the street trucks in the air towards us gave an inspiration about having lunch. After fighting with my phone that was not working properly, we were finally able to have a clear map and reached an area where some restaurants were. We decided to stop at Pitfire for some “Italian food”. I got a delicious pizza with some anchovies, while my friend got some pasta that did not look very real Italian food to me. And I was born, grew up in Italy and moved to Los Angeles just over 4 years ago.

The restaurants was very crowded and so noisy that we could not wait to leave. But we did not know what was waiting for us. After a quick stop in Little Tokyo at American Apparel for buying a couple of clothes, we decided to look for a bus stop to head back home.

Unfortunately, we got lost and venture ourselves in some streets of little tokyo when we got into a neighborhood that was not familiar at all. At the beginning, we were not very worried about seeing some homeless people around. But the more we walked, more homeless people were wandering around, screaming, fighting and lying on the sidewalks. My friend and I looked at each other and did our best to be calm and kept marching. My friend was really frightened and I was a little too, but I tried to keep my temper and especially not to make her feeling more scared than what she already was. A couple of times I heard some people commenting about the fact we were there, “what are these twos doing here?”. That is what some of them said. We passed the church called Missions, a park where I would not bring my future kids, and then after 2 blocks we were back to the L.A. we know. So we could finally relax while waiting for the bus.

God really protected us in this unplanned adventure. Once on the bus, we laughed at that and not knowing where we had been a while before I was telling my friend that actually there is another area in L.A., called “Skid Row”, that is even worse than that. But when I got home and I told my partner what happened to us, he told me, “Well, you were in Skid Row.” I was like, “OMG, I cannot believe that.”




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