Skid Row, Here We Come And Thank God Here We Go… 2nd Part



Some days ago, a friend and I went to “Skid Row”, we passed through that sad street full of misery and sadness. While I am sitting on my comfortable couch, tapping on the screen of my iPad, I think about the faces I saw, the dirtiness of the location, the sounds of the voices of those homeless people. I feel sadness and at the same time I considered myself so blessed.

I wonder what those people used to do before living in that neighborhood, maybe they were doctors, they were married and had kids… Life is incredibly unpredictable, and we should definitely enjoy every single of moment of it, getting rid of the past, at least those bad experiences we all may have had, and while making some random future plans, live the present because that is all that we have. But instead as Osho said in one if his…

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