La Cabeza Y El Corazon


I’m reading the book “Bienestar Emocional” by Osho and here and there I find some interesting, captivating sentences and/or passages. One hundred pages read and over almost one hundred fifty pages to go, many good thoughts to get and share.

Here a passage I read some days ago, “Si hay que elegir entre la cabeza y el corazon, deberiamos elegir el corazon, porque todos los bellos valores de la vida proceden de el. La cabeza es un buen mecanico, un tecnico, pero no puedes vivir tu vida con alegria simplemente siendo un mecanico, un tecnico, un cientifico. La cabeza no tiene capacidad para la alegria, la dicha, el silencio, la inocencia, la belleza, el amor, que son las cosas que enriquecen la vida; es el Corazon el que tiene sas capacidades.” In a few words, Osho points out the fact that if we have to choose between the head and the heart, we should pick up the second one. That will give us the chance to experience feelings like joy, happiness, silence, innocence, beauty, and love; these elements enrich our lives. If we, instead, decide to favor the head towards the heart, we would probably act more like a mechanic, technician, a scientist; we would perhaps be more in control of things, but not experience all the above-mentioned elements. We would eventually feel like that we live in a car repair center, a factory or a laboratory rather than in a natural world.

This reminds of another thought that Osho sustained in a previous passage. He mentioned the fact that human beings should act as natural as possible. Well, let’s think about the way young children act, so naturally, that there is not an ulterior motive for doing something or act in a particular way. Acting according to what Nature tells us will make us calm, silent, happy and celebrating every moment of our lives. Quoting Osho, “El mundo esta celebrando. El mundo no es triste, el mundo es una cancion, una bellisima cancion, y la danza continua.”

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