Reaching Out, Opening Yourself…


Some days ago, when I woke up in the morning I thought about the idea of relationship. I am not talking about a particular relationship, the one with your partner, best friend, friend, parent, relative, co-worker or with whosoever. I am thinking about relationships in general.

My initial thought was related to the fact that no matter how strong, selfish, independent, we may think we are, at the end we open ourselves to partners, friends, relatives, etc. Since the day were born, we feel the need to build relationships. Of course, we do not choose the first ones, usually with our parents or the people who take care of us when we are babies. But later on, we start working on some connections, maybe with our siblings, relatives, friends, in which more or less voluntarily we make a choice.

Certainly, some relationships are stronger than others, some are meant to last forever while others have a temporarily duration. On one hand, in every relationship there is a level of dependence, jealousy, imitation and as a consequence a lack of freedom. But on the other hand, there is love, affection, caring and the chance of enriching each other with our uniqueness, intelligence, talent, sweetness.

It was 3 days ago when somebody told me that when we come to this world, we are meant to be with other people. Sometimes, we think that our existence can stand by itself, and for sure it can. However, we feel the desire, the need, the will to open ourselves, to get rid of the shell we built to protect our inner selves and we reach out to people. We know that we should not have any expectations from anybody, that we may sometimes suffer because of others, that we should just love partners, friends and the people in our life and feel blessed for having them, but occasionally we do not do that because we are entrapped in ourselves.

Once someone said to me that when we were born as well as when we die we are alone. This statement is kind of true, but in our life it is up to us to extend our arm with an open hand and an unfastened mind and let others come into our lives.


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