El Consciente Y El Inconsciente

New enlightenment from Osho’s book.

I just bumped on this paragraph that talks consciousness and unconsciousness and I loved it.

Here it is,”Una persona completa, total, es aquella que es capaz de usar ambas cosas sin permitir que el consciente interfiera en el inconsciente, o que el inconsciente interfiera en el consciente.” And then it goes on, “El consciente esta bien para pensar en la subsistencia, pero no en la vida. La vida viene del inconsciente, de lo desconocido, y lo desconocido siempre da miedo.”

As Osho sustains, and as we already knew, two elements govern in our body. Sometimes, the consciousness and the unconsciousness fight with each other, but the ideal would be if one would not interfere with the other. This mostly because while the former is good for our survival, it is the latter that is fundamental for our life. Although the unconsciousness represents the unknown, and often guides us to sufferance, we should grant ourselves to be, at least for some hours every day, in its realm; let’s not be calculators twenty four hours a day, but venture in the unknown. That will give us the opportunity to get rid of the stress that causes our anxieties and that will eventually make us crazy.

So let’s embrace the unconsciousness in our lives and let it feed us with its power.



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