How Clean You Are…


Some days ago, I was thinking if there may be a correlation between the way people take care of themselves and of the places where they live. My thoughts were particularly focused about the fact that in our society many people stink and they do not do anything or they do not know what it is better in order not be, smelling speaking, repulsive to other individuals.

Of course, I am referring to people who have access to clean water, can buy soap, deodorants and other products, that may prevent other human beings to run away from them and not feel uncomfortable in their presence. In many occasions, I adopted a couple of tricks that helped me for a little while to stand the presence of the ‘stinky people’. The most common one is to smell my own skin that usually gives off a coconut scent. But not long time ago, while I was at the DMV I made up a new one by rolling my scarf all around the lower part of my face. That really saved me from smelling a stinky woman who was carrying two laptops and two phones. Why didn’t she get some deodorants instead of all that technology?

But going back to my initial point, I really believe that your personal hygiene does not totally correlate to the one of your living space.

I met some people who had a very clean house, but that were not as polished as their places were. While in other cases, it was right the opposite. However, there are also some people who apparently seem clean, but looking at them more attentively they are dirty even if they occasionally sensed delicious.

Sometimes, I was in some awkward situations when I could not even use the restrooms of some people’s or had to think that I was blind in order to do that. But not only I could see, I was able to smell the environment, too. Phew!

Certainly, it is clear that I like clean people and spotless places. I hope that my comments do not sound snobby or whatsoever. I just love hygiene, and talking about that I am heading to take a shower after having gone running and being by the pool. Some hot water, dove soap and coconut lotion are waiting for me.


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