C’Est Quoi Ton Rêve!?


Today I was biking on my way back home when I saw a sign on the sidewalk. At first I did not want to stop, but then the desire to take a shoot of it made me pause for a minute there.

The French word ‘rêve’ means dream. What is my dream?

Well, this morning I was checking my Facebook when I saw a sad post of a close, close friend from my hometown, Verona, Italy. Of course, reading that made me unhappy and I felt for her. I do not know if she even reads the posts of my blog, but this is also for you my eternal friend.

So going back to what my dream is. Believe it or not, during my usual morning workout I always send positive energy to my partner, my family and my enlarged family that is made of an amazing, beloved group of friends. Yes, I am not that selfish MF that I may have been in the past and I try every single day to be a better person. So my dream is closely related to this message of positivity because what I wish for is that the people in my life were happy, fully satisfied of what they have, with no problems or not difficult ones. I want you all my people to be joyful and for that I pray God to embrace you and give you strength every single moment. All of you are special in your own way and do not let anybody make you think you are not worth it, not even for a second.

I love YOU!


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