La Muerte


In his book, “Bienestar Emocional”, Osho talked about death giving a concept that could be a good point of discussion. Many people are really scared of that event of our lives that actually put an end to them. As Osho sustained, we should not be scared about it, but instead face it. If we do not get so frightened of the end, but instead live the present and try to enjoy it fully, we would not be totally disappointed about our lives. This reminds me of my grandmother’s attitude towards death when she was on her eighties. In a certain way, she was ready and was accepting the fact that sooner or later her end was coming. Notwithstanding, she was not giving up, but just live her last moments, appreciating what she had had in her life.

Osho focused on this topic because he wanted to point out the fact that when we die, we get finally rid of our ego. But even during our lives, we have the chance to do that by meditating. By quoting him, “Puedes disolver el ego. De eso trata la meditación. Es una decisión consciente, voluntaria, de disolver el ego, de no aferrarse a el. Si no te aferras al ego, ¿qué queda? Tu ya te has muerto. Y sólo los que han muerto pueden conquistar la muerte y conseguir una vida de abundancia.”

I guess that dying is not that bad, at least not for real!


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