How Inspiring Can You Be?


I read this line, “Inspiring others toward happiness brings you happiness” and I think that it is 100% true. But sometimes, we are so caught up in our ego, our daily problems that we are not able to be that inspiring. Of course, the ideal would be that all humanity were happy, joyful, but although we can be so idealistic, the reality is a big different thing. However, we have the chance to guide others, our partners, friends, relatives and even some strangers on their path toward that huge achievement, that is happiness. And yes, that can make us happy as well.

In my selfish, human world, notwithstanding all my flaws, I try to be a good partner, a great friend, a supporting relative, and even an inspiring person to the people in my life. I hope I make some of them reach their goal and because of their accomplishment be happy as well.


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