How Often Would You Give A “Good” F You?


You can be nice, sweet and kind, but you are also human, and because of that the evil part, the mean one is there, too. I am reading Osho’s book “Bienestar Emocional” and in one section he was talking about the fact that we should surround ourselves of positivity and as a result be enlightened by optimistic people and good feelings.

However, here it is my inner negative and mean self. Yes, sometimes that is what I give the world, a good middle finger. Maybe it is more due to the fact that I want to be provocative, but at the same time there is a good percentage of a “well, why don’t you go f. yourself?”

Today, I was biking home when I heard a phone conversation of a guy who was passing by. He said to the other person on the line, “I wonder if I should put…

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