How Often Would You Give A “Good” F You?

You can be nice, sweet and kind, but you are also human, and because of that the evil part, the mean one is there, too. I am reading Osho’s book “Bienestar Emocional” and in one section he was talking about the fact that we should surround ourselves of positivity and as a result be enlightened by optimistic people and good feelings.

However, here it is my inner negative and mean self. Yes, sometimes that is what I give the world, a good middle finger. Maybe it is more due to the fact that I want to be provocative, but at the same time there is a good percentage of a “well, why don’t you go f. yourself?”

Today, I was biking home when I heard a phone conversation of a guy who was passing by. He said to the other person on the line, “I wonder if I should put in my résumé?”. Well, of course I did not say a thing, but my unspoken words sounded something like that, “What? That you are ugly”.

Back in the days, my grandmother and I used to go buying “gelato”, and while we were seated to taste some delicious pistachio or chocolate flavors, we enjoyed the people watching and of course made some nasty comments about them.

Later on, I taught my niece what I learned in the past, some good stuff and some bad one. I remember walking with her in the streets of Verona. While I was holding her hand, I occasionally squeezed it when I wanted to point at somebody whom I was trying to draw her attention to. There were many reasons for doing that, but most of the times it was not to underline how beautiful somebody was. What a real, bad uncle!

There is a quote that people sometimes post online saying, ” Great people talk about ideas. Average people talk about things. Small people talk about other people.”

Well, I talk about concepts, objects and individuals and if you do not like that, just take a look at the picture!



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