If Life Sometimes Ain’t That Sweet…

Why do not sweeten it with some delicious treats? But do not exaggerate, be moderate, work out and then fasten!

Well, the fact of working out more, having reduced the use of alcohol, eating more times a day but in smaller portions, offers me the chance to treat myself with some sweet pastries. I always loved sweets and even in the past when I was much younger, skinnier, and more strict in my diet, I used to grant myself some extra deliciousness, loooool.

But now, that I am older and my metabolism is not as fast as it used to be, I have to keep my track even more. But in my very calibrated diet I cannot avoid the sweets. However, I do not know if it is because of my sign, Libra, or due to any particular reason, I never exceed. I remember seeing people stuffing their mouths like they had never eaten before. And sometimes, i did and I do that, too. But it is so rare and exceptional.

Well, thank you God for giving me some balance, at least in some aspects of my life!



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