Again Never Forget That Once You Were A Child


Few days ago, I was at the laundromat and I took with me a notebook and Osho’s book, “Bienestar Emocional”. I am copying some of the important passages of the tome in my notebook.

I ran into a passage that I had not previously really paid attention to. Osho described a situation in which a kid was involved to compare it to a similar one in which an adult was supposedly be part of.

I think it is brilliant how in a few words, he was able to go straight to the fact that children act so naturally, instinctly while our minds as adults, is so full of unnecessary thoughts. Actually, the mind should not even be involved, but just the heart.

So in the situation proposed by Osho. The writer was describing how when you want to shake hands with a kid, he may or may not do it…

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