Again Never Forget That Once You Were A Child

Few days ago, I was at the laundromat and I took with me a notebook and Osho’s book, “Bienestar Emocional”. I am copying some of the important passages of the tome in my notebook.

I ran into a passage that I had not previously really paid attention to. Osho described a situation in which a kid was involved to compare it to a similar one in which an adult was supposedly be part of.

I think it is brilliant how in a few words, he was able to go straight to the fact that children act so naturally, instinctly while our minds as adults, is so full of unnecessary thoughts. Actually, the mind should not even be involved, but just the heart.

So in the situation proposed by Osho. The writer was describing how when you want to shake hands with a kid, he may or may not do it. But there’s nothing wrong about it because to the kid is not a big of deal; the action or absence of it is not processed trough the mind, it comes straight from his heart. However, let’s say that a kid shook hand with you, in that hand you would have felt so much intensity, warmness. It was not that cold, unemotional touch some adults may share with you. An older person might have shaken hands with you, but in many cases the gesture was an unnatural one, full of worries, pre-concepts, pre-analysis. That is just some crap that we should totally forget sometimes or better almost all the times.

All this makes me think of how the society, our personal relationships are so built of anger, selfishness, insecurity and most of all of a lack of naturalness. How many times, instead of acting according to your nature, have you used your wicked mind? And as a result, you caused yourself to be in a situation made of prescribed actions. It is like you were acting like a doctor who gave himself some prescriptions. And rather than letting yourself ago, you picked up the container and read carefully what you were supposed to do in this or that situation.

I tell you one thing, Osho was right. Let the kid you have inside come back and act as natural as possible. If you feel like hugging, kissing and or making love, just do it. Do not let the pre-concepts of your mind, your worries stop loving your partner as natural as it should be. There is not a rule for hugging, kissing, making love or having sex, and who says that it should not be like you have not done it ever before.



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