Quoting Osho, “Tu ego depende de los espejos. Y cada relacion actua como un espejo, cada persona con la que te encuentros actua como un espejo, y ese ego sigue controlandote”.

What would relationships be without the influence of our egos? Oh, they would be a totally success. Because no matter how hard people try not to let their egos rule their thoughts, feelings and actions, they will never completely succeed. As a result, they will bring to the relationships a lot of negativity. It is important to love yourself, be your own best friend, but do not forget that there are other people in your life and they are important as well. You are an entity by yourself, but you are also more special because of them.

In consideration of the fact that other people are mirrors and they will reflect their egos on you, I think that it is important to be surrounded by positive people. They will transmit to you positivity and you can be their optimistic mirror as well.



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