Rico Vs Pobre: Always Check The Red Light 1st!


Another inspirational topic from Osho’s book, “Bienestar Emocional”, is about the real meaning of being rich and poor.

Osho said, “El hombre mas rico es, en cierto modo, el mas pobre de la tierra. Ser rico y no ser pobre es un arte. Ser pobre y ser rico es la otra cara del arte.”

Of course, if anybody has to choose between being rich or poor, they will choose the first option. But being wealthy and surrounded by many superficial, unnecessary stuff does not mean that a person would be a happy one. Osho underlines the fact that a person can have all the richness of the world, but inside being the poorest person ever: his own soul can be compared to a cemetery.

Many times people focus on the material things rather than on themselves, their inner spirits and the multidimensional experiences. So for this reason, Osho said that it is okay to be rich and take advantage of it, but an individual needs to be able to give the material things the value they have: they are objects. Be careful in not making that great mistake of attributing more worthiness to what is not that important. Remember that the richness of your soul is a million times greater than the one in your bank.


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