How Many Times Would You Send Somebody To Hell?!

HYFR! The idea is to be positive and be just surrounded by love. Many philosophers say that your mood depends on the way you see life, events, things and… If you just love, only that will come back to you; you may have to be patient, but sooner or later it will come. However, as much as we try to stay in the optimistic zone, there would always be a person and/or a situation that would threaten our secure, positive way.

Some weeks ago, a person told me that while I am pretty much a calm, kind person in the normal day by day, I am completely different when I drive. Well, I do not know if it is I who is in the wrong, or that my attitude is mostly originated by the fact that in the streets there are a bunch of idiots. Yes, I said that and it is kind of true.

A while ago, I read in a book that you should not be bothered yourself because of some people’ stupid behaviors. But sometimes it is not so automatic to be relaxed and for this reason I have to calm myself down. I tell myself to breathe in and out and instead of exposing my middle finger, and/or using some f words, I send positive energy to that mf who just upset me.


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