How Blessed You Are!


Some days ago, I was doing the dishes when I heard the sound of some water falling on the ground in the alley between my building and the one across my window. I looked outside the window by the sink and I saw a man who was refreshing himself with the water coming out a faucet normally used by some gardeners. In Los Angeles, many people go around the city to pick up some recycled materials that they will sell for a little sum of money. It is a very hard work to walk under the sun to collect stuff that other people threw away. Los Angeles, like many other big cities in the world, is a very contradictory city, so many billionaires and at the same time so many poor people and in between a large amount of other individuals; people who work hard to become richer and buy things they do not need in order to feel kind of like the wealthy human beings.

It was on that same day that while I was biking home from an afternoon birthday party I was stopped by a man who was walking in the streets. He asked me if the direction he was going to was towards downtown. I said yes and then I kept biking. But then I felt bad because although he was going in the right way, it was going to be a long, infinite walk. So i went back to him and gave him some money for the bus.

Yes, we are blessed, no matter how much we complain or dare to do it!


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