What Is Your Passion?

Do you like your job? Are you happy of what you do every day? Do you need to feel passionate at what you do for living? Or it is just a matter of money?

People say that you should find what you love, what you are good at, and go forward. But what about if you like several things and you cannot really figure it out. What happens if you are good at many things, but you do not excel in any of them.

At the end, you still have to find a reason for going to work that is not just to get a paycheck that you will use to pay bills, get those extra clothes, bags, accessoires that you do not really need.

Passion, passion, passion should be the theme of your life in all the different fields. Instead, other elements come your way: boredom, apathy, unfocusness, deviancy, excessiveness and much more.

Find your passion, follow your dreams, but do not forget to pay the rent!



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