No Expectations, No Disappointments

A while ago, I read in a book a passage that was saying how many times in our life we build a lot of expectations in our mind, but later on as a consequence we get disappointed.

Our mind tricks us. It is like an engine and the oil that the mechanic adds to it are all expectations. But then the people in our life, the ones we encounter every day for different reasons mess up the engine. It is as if they add water and make it all rusty.

So do not build your every day life with desires. Live your life, make projects, but be realistic at the same time. Do not let your insecurities, your need for love, affection, screw you. And most of all do not count too much in what others should or would do for you. It is you and your fucking reality that you mainly have to deal with, and you are alone. Others will just be a plus and sometimes a minus to your life according to your projections.

As a consequence, do not expect!!!



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