Pain: What Is Yours?

Some nights ago I heard a conversation about pain, tattoos, feelings. I have not had a tattoo yet, but I will have some very soon and for what i have heard they can be very painful. But as someone was saying the pain can also be a kind of pleasure. And I can get what they referred to.

Some days ago, I had one of those days. Yes, one of those, when you feel that you do not belong, that you are not loved enough, that no one understands or at least not completely. So while I was walking back home, I pinched myself on the arm, but it was not that painful. However, that was not bad because I felt alive. It may sound awkward, but it was not to me. I am not a violent person and I would not be to myself either. Notwithstanding, I really needed to perceive that sensation on my skin.

In the past I had a piercing on my hand and I fainted. It was a long time ago, it was a cold winter day in Verona, Italy. I was excited, nervous and I lost my conscience for some minutes after getting pierced. I do not have that piercing anymore because I asked a friend to take it off right after I did it. I am in a different state of mind, I am in a more mature phase of my life and I want to get some tattoos soon; maybe even before this post will be published.

I am ready to sustain it, even if it is going to be painful. As someone else said, it would not be as painful as other scars that we had and we will not hopefully have in the future.

Cheers to my tattoos and that permanent ink on my skin!



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