Inked And Then You Want More Ink


Yes, I finally did. Some days ago, I got tattooed two different tattoos on my left ring finger and I love them both so, so much.

On one side I had a star because my spouse’s middle name is “Star” and on the other side a cross since I am catholic and have faith in God. I had the desire of having both my spouse and God permanently inside my skin.

It was pretty painful as they told me. While I was getting them on this tattoo store on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood, I thought that those would have been the last ones. But no! I want more of them and I already have some new great ideas.

Cheers to more ink, to more symbols on my skin! I waited until turning forty to get some, but I have many more years to come and they will be very colorful, even if maybe they will just be black tattoos. The next one is already on my mind and most of the people in my life already know about it. Let’s keep the surprise.


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