What Is Freedom? Et Puis Merde, On A Qu’un Vie!

In a civilized world, in a public and private environment, how much freedom do we have and grant to other individuals? Well, I think that generally speaking it is always much less than the one we would like to have. Sooner or later, there will be someone who either way tell you that you cannot, and/or you should not do something or the other way who will try to impose you to perform a particular action, to act in a definite way and even to speak according to their standard.

Well, this is not freedom. In the past days, I thought more and more about the fact that since we live one life, we should enjoy it and act as free as we desire. Of course, we should not harm other people, but we should be careful in not confusing love, affection with the loss of our own individuality. Love, respect do not mean to lose yourself; please other people in our public and private life do not involve the loss of your personality and desires.

Do not let anyone direct you because you are the only person in charge of yourself. No one should deprive you of your freedom of mind!



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